I could use some writing advice


I need some advice

I have posted many stories here, not as many as some but quite a few, mostly under the pen name of Leo Devin.
I will post my question now so I don’t lose you in the body of all the text that follows:

I am asking, should I go ahead and post unfinished stories just to see if they are worth finishing, Please, let me know what you want.

I have hundreds more stories that I have written over the years, almost 30 years now, but I can’t seem to finish them. I get a new idea while I am writing one story and jump over to a new document to make a few notes, before I know it, I am over 10 pages into the new story and don’t want to stop.

This is a run-a-way situation as I will invariably get another idea, generally over a hundred pages into it, while writing that one and start another story and repeat the process.

Here’s the problem, when I decide to return to a story, I have already done so many I don’t remember what happened so far and have to go back a read it from the beginning. Major problem #1, I tend to edit as I go so I might end up changing something at the beginning that severely affects something I wrote in the same story closer to where I left off when I got distracted.

I have tried making notes as I go. I create spreadsheets with all the characters names, descriptions and the situations I have left them in. Problem # 2, I can’t seem to remember to keep the notes up to date.

I have taken up the practice of making an original ‘copy’ to go back to if I end up changing something too much and lose my original story line. Well, now I get to where I am confusing myself hopelessly, problem #3.

One of the reasons is that I have written so many I can’t find any new situations, of not many situations. I find myself writing the same old ‘scenarios’ with slightly different methods and new characters. For me, this is a problem but now one I am asking about, for me, it’s repetitive but not everyone is going to read all my stuff, so it won’t be too repetitive to them. After all, I do like looking at images of hot guys in a hogtie and there are not that many ways to tie a good hogtie, I know, I have written almost all the possibilities.

I tend to deal mostly with bondage, S&M and e-stim, I don’t have any experience with rubber stuff and I have noticed that a great deal of the stories here are geared more toward the rubber fetish community.

I do have some stories that violate the conditions of most blogs due to extreme actions.
I am not complaining here, this is just personal opinion; but, this is fiction, still and understandably, extreme violence is not allowed on some sites and I understand that part completely and am not asking for change, but, if S. King can kill off characters in gruesome ways, why can’t I?
But! This isn’t my site, if I want to post stories like that, I am sure there is a place for them that I have not found and frankly, I am not so sure those stories would be well received anyway. (I am still not very internet savvy, I depend on others to find things I might like and send me the links, I don’t actively search out much of anything)
Sometimes I write to let off steam, most of the time my stories are inspired by a single image I find online. I don’t (can’t) create outlines, I don’t (can’t) plan out a story, that has never worked because the story writes itself anyway, I don’t even know where most of this stuff comes from. I don’t really follow any rules of writing other than punctuation, grammar and maybe spelling.
I just write a sentence and then follow that sentence with what seems to come next, that is why I never am able to end much of anything. HOWEVER, I have had a few situations where I have been going along and 1000 miles an hour and typed a sentence that simply had nothing left to say after it and I hit a brick wall, boom, ‘The End’.
I guess I wait for that to happen with all my stories but I always end up writing in a new character that I need to deal with and off I go again, until I get another idea and get distracted, rinse and repeat! I have one story, one of my first ones, that got to over 3000 pages, more than 2 million words.
Any advice from writers and readers is greatly appreciated. (This is a compulsion, not a job or even really a hobby, maybe if I was getting paid I would be motivated to stick with one story until I got it completed. I write what I would like to read, what I want to see others write about or even make a movie of, I am infatuated with the whole “Saw” series and those like it)

Thanks in advance,

Leo Devin

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4 thoughts on “I could use some writing advice”

  1. I would say yes. You can see how the stories grow, or perhaps allow an opportunity for another. Someone might continue the story you post as a writing prompt.

    1. Thanks! I have tried that in the past, that is to ask the reader to add to the story and so far, I guess they haven’t been interested enough to try. Since I posted this, I have already gotten into two more new stories, well, restarted an existing one with a slightly different slant (97 pages so far) and a brand new one (7 pages)

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