Eckie aka Bondagfan

It’s different, it’s not anything like the old one that crashed, but it’s… well, something at least again.

Thanks to all those who messaged and keep messaging/linking/enjoying this site, it’s you that made me redo it after it’s crash.

The crash however did mean that things had for some part to start again, while old stories were recovered (and happy to see lots new ones coming as well), many of the images were recovered, even the old comments and so on… user registrations needed to be made again by those who want to access the site. I try to match you up with content you may have posted on the old site if there is a relation between your new registration on her and the one you may have had on the old site.

Worth to make note of:
I am a one-man show here, and obviously not 24/7 here awaiting user registrations to approve. On the other hand, too many attack attempts, spam-registrations or other disturbances are happening constantly to allow enabling automated activation (so yes, I indeed check every registration myself!)

So, if you registered and did not receive your ‘being activated’ mail confirmation yet, it is because I might be busy working, maybe traveling, may be just living life somewhere instead of being online. Please allow me to take care of those activations when time allows, even if that on some occasions may take a while longer.

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Total number of registered users: 2320

A few hints on the ‘how to’ of this new design you can find HERE